Saturday, April 13, 2019

Soal Latihan, 13 April 2019

Reading & Speaking! 

Read this text aloud with right pronunciation!

Max and Mei are best friends.
They live next door to each other.
Max and Mei are both five years old.
They are in the same class at school.

Every summer Max and Mei go to the Dragon Boat Festival.
They love the beautiful boats with their dragon heads and tails.
One year, Max and Mei were sitting on the beach when suddenly whispered, "Look, over there!"

Hiding in a cave was a baby dragon. He was red and gold with long scaly tail.
The dragon seemed sad. Max and Mei wondered why he was all alone. "Let's take him to watch the dragon boats," said Mei.
They watched the colourful boats racing across the sea. It was very exciting.

Max then saw a drum and began to beat it. The baby dragon started dancing. The dragon looked happy. He now seemed bold and adventuros.
After race, it was time for Max and Mei to go home. They look the dragon back to his cave.
All of sudden, the childrem saw a flash of lightning in the sky. There was a large dragon waving down at them.

Max and Mei could hardly believe they had met a dragon. They hope would return next year to dance with them again.

Tulisan dari buku Max and Mei mengenal Shio Naga by Martha Keswick & Mariko Jesse.

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