Friday, March 20, 2020

Kosa-Kata Bahasa Inggris Tempat Umum (English Vocabulary Public Place )

Jawablah Soal Dibawah ini Dengan Nama tempat Umum (Public Places) Yang tepat :

  1. We can see many animals in the_______
  2. My family will eat in a new_______
  3. I will go to______with my friends to meet my teacher
  4. My mom asks me to buy sugar in the________
  5. My father goes to______today to work
  6. I will borrow a book in_________
  7. Will you watch football in the_________
  8. I Like to saw butterfly and flowers. Let’s play in the______
  9. I will swim in the_______
  10. My grandfather is sicks, so he goes to_______
  11. Jogjakarta has many______ like a Borobudur.
  12. I will wait train in the________
  13. Moslem pray in the ______
  14. My mom always buys vegetables in the ______
  15. You can do exercise in the ______
  16. You can buy book and pencils in _______
  17. You can watch movie in____________
  18. I go to bali and sleep in_____
  19. The christians pray in the___________
  20. You can report a thief in_______

Answer Key

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