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My Chilhood Experience



“My Childhood Experience”


Hi ...! I will introduce my self. My name is Rin.

 Today, I want to tell you about my childhood experience in a isolated village on the island of Borneo.

 Well, I was born in a village far from downtown. Makes me have to feel survive living in the jungle. Every day, I just eat-feed from the plants around the house. Never bought any food because there was no market in the forest. Even cooking oil, we produced from preparing the coconut.

Every day, my parents going to farm in a field. Every day I go to the fields to fish. I used to love fishing when I was a kid. Because, just by fishing I can eat fish every day. The most fun thing about fishing is when I get a lot of big fish. Then, I burned it in a fireplace of my own by the river. Just packed with salt, I can enjoy the fresh fish I've lured myself. I became more and more enjoyed.

 Normally, I enjoy moment a fresh grilled fish while relaxing under a tree. Sometimes I also made a small house on top of a tall tree so that I could spend the day without fear of wild animals such as wild pigs, bears, or big snakes.

 That was a very pleasant childhood experience. I've always longed for a primitive life experience that no modern person would ever experience today. For me, it was a rewarding experience because not everyone could experience like it.


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