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Friday, May 6, 2022

My Favorite Place [E-Learning; Writing Task. Sastra Inggris Bidang Minat Penerjemahan]



I have a favorite place to hang out. It’s a popular place in the city. It’s a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and my favorite place is a KFC Coffee in Jl. Gajah Mada, Balikpapan City. It’s a great place for lunch, drink coffee, write a story, discussion and celebrate of birthday.

In a fasade, there are four tables for smooking area. In this area, smokers can relax with the cigarettes without disturbing other custumers.

This place, full of glasses in the right and in front of. The main door is a glass door. In the next door, many table for customer, chair and sofa. In the right is a playground for children. My daugther’s really like playing here. After lounge, there are a counter. I can order some food and beverages in the counter. In the left, there are toilet and wastafel. In the left, there is a stairway to the rooftop. It’s a great room. We relax in here while looking at the bustling city streets. There is a space that can be booked for birthday celebrate and the like.

It’s a great place! Relax and free wifi. I can spend my whole day in this place.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Kosa-Kata Bahasa Inggris Tempat Umum (English Vocabulary Public Place )

Jawablah Soal Dibawah ini Dengan Nama tempat Umum (Public Places) Yang tepat :

  1. We can see many animals in the_______
  2. My family will eat in a new_______
  3. I will go to______with my friends to meet my teacher
  4. My mom asks me to buy sugar in the________
  5. My father goes to______today to work
  6. I will borrow a book in_________
  7. Will you watch football in the_________
  8. I Like to saw butterfly and flowers. Let’s play in the______
  9. I will swim in the_______
  10. My grandfather is sicks, so he goes to_______
  11. Jogjakarta has many______ like a Borobudur.
  12. I will wait train in the________
  13. Moslem pray in the ______
  14. My mom always buys vegetables in the ______
  15. You can do exercise in the ______
  16. You can buy book and pencils in _______
  17. You can watch movie in____________
  18. I go to bali and sleep in_____
  19. The christians pray in the___________
  20. You can report a thief in_______

Answer Key

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