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Wednesday, July 26, 2023



Culture have many definitions. Gurito stated that culture indicates all aspects that members of a group share together. Children learn ways of doing things, ways of talking, smiling, laughing, liking and disliking things. Culture determines people’s action, their social relationship and their morality (Gurito, 2003: p 1).

Meaning of the culture is very diverse. People ussualy relate culture with traditional dancing, traditional ceremonies, and arts. Now let us see that there are other kinds of representations of culture on our daily life. The way we speak to our friends, to our parents, teacher or even strangers represents of our culture. Take for example the way the western people ear which uses knife and fork is different from the way we eat, which uses ouu hands and also different from the way Chinese people eat, which uses chopstick. Relate to the concept of culture, we have also the concepts of cultural values and cultural norms.

Let us move to discuss the relation between culture and language. If we apply Whorf’s ideas about language and culture, we can see that the way people see things is indeed reflected in their language. For example, in Indonesia we have many to represent rice. In our culture rice is very important, that is why we have many words to represent each from of it. We have the word ‘padi’ for the form of rice in the field, ‘gabah’ for its form after being harvested, ‘beras’ for the form before being cooked, and finally ‘nasi’ for the form after being cooked. In America, where rice is not considered as important as in Indonesia, there is only one word for it that is rice.

Languange is easiest communication tool to convey cultural differences. Each region has a different speech culture, different habbit, different celebration and different religion. All can be conveyed through good language communication. Language is expression from the culture. Many researchers found that there are many words or expressions that have strong relation with the culture of the people who use those words and expressions.


Source : Module 1 PBIS4102 Cross Cultural Understanding, Universitas Terbuka Publisher

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